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Implementation of assessment policy - Austria

Since the school year 2005/06 the development of a school-specific support concept has been obligatory for all schools of general compulsory education and schools of secondary or higher education (for children between 6 and 18).

Careful planning on the following levels is a precondition for target oriented support:

  • on the level of the respective school, which reconciles the demands and resources
  • on the class level
  • on the individual level, describing comprehensively the strengths and deficiencies of the respective child

Support is given through an intensive individual structuring of the education and differentiated education techniques as well as through additional measures such as elective subjects and non-compulsory exercises but also through remedial instruction.

The early warning system also includes that head teachers or class teachers should develop provisions to avoid negative evaluations. These provisions are discussed in a structured way with the pupils or/and the legal guardians.

The school-specific provision concept should contain the following points in detail. It is to be communicated to the school partners:

  • remedial instruction
  • provisions for pupils with a mother tongue other than German
  • measures for the support of gifted pupils
  • provisions for the acquisition of manifold skills/competences
  • provisions at the interfaces (kindergarten - school; primary - secondary school - working life)

These provisions have to be evaluated.

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