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Innovations and developments - Belgium (Flemish speaking community)

A structured co-operation between an information stream from special to mainstream primary education can achieve an improved mainstream education with individual education planning, individualised curriculum development, curriculum achievement and adequate assessment. Today there is a large pilot project around autism in mainstream education. Pupils with the autism spectrum disorder can follow lessons in mainstream schools. Teachers and specialist teachers receive counselling and advise from experienced experts from special education in teaching, following up and individual education planning. The expertise is shared. An important aspect of this project is that it is not the pupil, possibly with help from specialists, who is adapting him/her self to the school but the school context who provides a tailor made  education for the pupil. This is the essence of inclusive education. (for more information:

More concrete directions for the special needs policy will be a support for the schools. Not only the frame and the expertise but also the concrete actions in this policy are factors that determine the success.

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