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Innovative assessment tools and methods - Belgium (Flemish speaking community)

A first specific example of an assessment tool is a report from a school called “De Pluishoek”. This school is a method school. The school tries to make all the children feel that they “belong” before they start learning. Belonging is thus a condition for learning. This mainstream school is a school for all children, which means that they accept children with special educational needs, even if they do not have voluntary support in the classroom. The school uses the attainment targets as a base for all the exercises in all subjects. Children progress according to their own needs. Through ‘talking papers’ teachers communicate the individual progress of every child towards the pupil and his parents. The pupil’s cognitive and working skills are explained by the teacher. The social skills are assessed by the peers. For more information see:

A second method of inclusion, curriculum and assessment is explained on the next website: Out of a recent study in both primary and secondary schools opinions, experiences and best practices are gathered on this site.

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