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Mainstream assessment systems - Belgium (Flemish speaking community)

In primary education there is a difference between developmental goals and attainment targets. ( Developmental goals were made for nursery education and are the minimum goals for knowledge, skills and attitudes that the government wishes the student population to reach. Some factors in the curricula of nursery education are based upon developmental goals (and not upon attainment targets):

  • Nursery school is not obligatory education
  • Not all of the children who follow nursery school start at the same age
  • The tempo of the development of young children is diverse for every individualĀ 

There is no obligation (though there is a recommendation) that the children have to achieve all the developmental goals from nursery school before entering primary school.

Developmental goals have also been developed for special primary education as well. In co-operation with the CLB and as much as possible in co-operation with the parents, the class counsel chooses to work thoroughly during a defined period of time with some particular developmental goals for a certain group of pupils or for individual pupils. The developmental goals for special education differ for the different types of special education.

Attainment targets for primary education are the minimum goals that the government define as necessary and reachable for a certain population of pupils. Minimum goals are a minimum of knowledge, skills and attitudes. Attainment targets can be written for a specific course but they can also be cross curricular. Each school has the societal duty to reach their goals and the cross curricular attainment targets. The vakoverschrijdende attainment targets can be reached by educational (school) projects or through many different courses. Schools devise their own plan for the cross curricular attainment targets.

Every school administration determines the content of the primary education in the school and defines the pedagogical and educational methods freely. The schools provide, as a minimum, the following courses, and if possible with a coherence between them.

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