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Descriptions of the legal system for assessment - Belgium (French speaking community)

The decree of the 24 July 1997 concerns compulsory education in both mainstream and special schools. It defines the main aims of the elementary and secondary school and organises the structures to achieve them.  For present and future teachers and also for the pupils and their parents, these aims are available to read in all schools, the psycho-medical-social service and public libraries. To some extent the decree of the 3rd March 2004 organised special education.


  • Décret définissant les missions prioritaires de l’enseignement fondamental et de l’enseignement secondaire et organisant les structures propres à les atteindre du 24 juillet 1997 (Decree defining the priority missions of the elementary education and secondary education and organizing the structures to reach it )
  • Décret organisant l’enseignement spécialisé du 03 mars 2004 (Decree organizing the specialised education)
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