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Implementation of assessment policy - Belgium (French speaking community)

Plan for individual learning

This is a methodological tool elaborated and adjusted by the class council for each pupil and during the whole of their education on the basis of observations made by different members and data from the guidance service. It lists the particular aims to be reached during a certain period, and it is with the data of the plan for individual learning (PIA) that each member of the pluri-disciplinary team organise the educational work and training in collaboration with the pupil and the parents. The plan for individual learning is the base of a lifelong project for the pupil.

The plan for individual learning must:

  • be in writing
  • be given to everyone involved
  • be elaborated with the collaboration of the pupil and the parents
  • be regularly adjusted
  • contain the aims correctly formulated
  • contain aims adapted to the chronological age
  • be balanced : composed of aims in the different fields
  • promote functional activities to realise the aims
  • promote general activities (when pupil acquires a competence, enable him/her to use it in other circumstances or other environments)
  • specify the responsibilities of each of the involved parties.
  • review the assessment modalities
  • review the adaptation of the means, materials, access and so on
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