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People involved in assessment - Belgium (French speaking community)

Class council: A staff meeting to discuss the progress made by pupils where also the guidance service, parents and pupil are allowed to participate. A report containing marks with the teacher’s comments on is filled in for each pupil and the individual education plan is also discussed and decided. The staff consists of class teacher, head teacher, paramedical, social and psychological members.

The tasks of the class council are:

  • to develop and adjust the individual learning plan in relation to the pedagogical, paramedical, social and psychological activities
  • to assess the progress and the results of each pupil and to adapt the individual learning plan
  • to decide whether to keep the pupil on the adapted level
  • to propose, in suitable cases, inclusion into a mainstream school giving a motivated opinion for this decision and ensuring the realisation of the project
  • to move pupils into adapted classes during the year and propose changes if necessary
  • to make decisions about graduation to the secondary level. 

The report contains the opinions and decisions from the school team and the guidance service. All decisions made by the class council are taken collegially and strive to be unanimous; these decisions are then conveyed to the pupil and the parents by the head teacher of the school.

See also the information regarding the 'participation council' in the section ‘Assessment Policy – Introduction’

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