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Assessment policy: introduction - Cyprus

“Assessment” as described in “The Cyprus Educational System” (2003), is an integral part of teaching which aims at gauging the degree of success of its aims as they are set by the curricula.  It is expected to combine a variety of types and techniques so that it can achieve a reliable, objective and fair assessment of the knowledge, the critical thinking and the skills of the pupils, contribute to self-knowledge and autonomous thinking as well as how well pupils acquire objective information and the level of their learning capabilities.  The product of assessment provides the education system with information on the results of its tasks and gives feedback on the teaching and learning process, so that there can be continuous improvement. Assessment in primary and pre-primary education is not used for purposes of promotion from one class to another.

The educational system in Cyprus is currently undergoing reform.  A committee of experts has been assigned to examine the educational system and make proposals.  Their report, among other issues, takes critical stance on the curriculum, the teaching procedures, and the assessment of knowledge, in which they propose need reform.  They also propose a curriculum and an educational procedure that will aim at the inclusion of all children and to the prevention of social exclusion.

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