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Challenges and tendencies - Cyprus

Pupils are put into classes in a way to promote heterogeneity. Assessment practice has shown that heterogeneity is a problem when assessing is carried out.  This happens because tests are designed by teachers to evaluate all pupils. Therefore, the questions must cover all levels so that all pupils can answer.  This makes it very easy for the “good” pupils and very difficult for the “low achievers”.  Teaching is also difficult in mixed ability classes. Research from Kyriakides (1996), found that 35% of the Cypriot teachers did not feel confident in assessing their pupils and suggested in service training to improve their assessment practice. 

Unfortunately, the Law for Special Education and Training of 1999 approaches special needs in a medical-psychometric way. The teacher considers special needs as an illness and therefore waits for diagnosis and medical advice.



  • Kyriakides, (1996) “Cypriot Teachers’ Perceptions on Assessing Pupils”,  Pedagogiki Epitheorisi (Pedagogical Review), Vol. 24, pp262-283.
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