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Implementation of assessment policy - Czech Republic

All changes concerning education and assessment of pupils including those with special needs are described in the new School Act. The development of the school educational programme is a big challenge to all head teachers and teachers. Teachers and head teachers have been given on going, in-service-training to obtain more knowledge on how to deal with this and how to deal with differences.

This new trend and perspective is generally considered to be a systematic starting point towards building inclusive education and an inclusive school climate.

Regulations covering public examinations

To follow the main principle of the new School Act – success for all and motivation for the ‘whole-life’ education - many provisions are applied in public examinations for pupils with special needs.

The pupil with special needs should be given specific support and specific conditions for passing all obligatory exams. This concerns not only pupils on the primary level of education, but pupils/students on the higher education level as well.

There is a lot of focus on maturity examinations at the secondary level of education of pupils with special needs. The specialised agency has been founded – The National Centre for Maturity Examinations. A group of experts are developing both the manual for organising the maturity exams, specially tailored for students with various special needs, and test materials for the target group.

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