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Implementation of assessment policy - Denmark

Looking at policies, there are some contrasting tendencies in later Danish assessment policies and policies for inclusiveness. On one hand the school shall remain inclusive, on the other hand the use of educational setting has been introduced in 2003, and – at the same time targets are specified at two year intervals. One can fear that the introduction of specified targets and publication of results from final examinations will lead to more referrals to special needs education. Others argue that the specified targets and published exam results will help teachers and headmasters to know when extra differentiation is needed.

In any case not much is known about the effect of specialised teaching and learning strategies and methods, and nothing is known about the effect of the different forms of provision of special needs education. Legislation will be changed from 2007 where referral to resource rooms during normal school hours shall be avoided and instead provide special provision for children in regular classes which will be given before or after normal school hours or as team teaching in normal school hours. In the 2005 state budget 1 million EUR was given to The Danish University of Education for research into the effectiveness of special needs education settings in Denmark.

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