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Assessment practice: introduction - Estonia

At the moment the best way to take into account pupil’s special needs is an individual education plan (IEP). The process for drawing up an IEP can be started either by a parent or school council. In IEP it is possible to decrease the skills and knowledge demands for a pupil. Also adjustments in assessment and behavioural demands can be made so that it is possible for a pupil to pass the tests and make progress.

Better practice can be promoted by in-service and pre-service teacher training. At the moment many teachers lack the skill and knowledge of how to implement inclusive education. It is also very important to share experience from implementing innovative assessment.

One positive aspect has been the development of legislation which allows more flexible assessment and takes into account pupil’s individual needs. A lot of emphasis has been put into evolving the Individual Education Plan that can be seen as the main tool for inclusive education at the moment.

Lack of resources can be a factor hindering alternative assessment in an inclusive classroom. It can include money and time for additional work and also human resources (additional teachers in classroom).

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