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On-going assessment of learning in inclusive settings - Estonia

The regulation of the Ministry of Education and Science Procedure to study according to an individual education plan. An individual education plan is a curriculum for pupils with special educational needs that give a pupil the opportunity to study and develop according to his/her abilities. The curriculum is written for specially gifted pupils, pupils with learning difficulties and behaviour problems, health problems, disabilities, pupils who have not participated in studies for a longer period of time who experience difficulties in working together with their class mates or according to a common work plan. An individual education plan can be adopted in every school stage and based on all national curricula.

The following will be defined by the curriculum:

  • lower or higher demands compared to the national curriculum
  • special features in organisation of studies
  • the need and principles for study materials, physical and human resources.

An individual education plan (together with respective action plans) will be compiled in co-operation with a teacher and a pupil (or his/her representative), and if necessary a special teacher, speech therapist, psychologist, school doctor and a social worker will be involved.

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