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People involved in assessment - Finland

The key participants in pupil assessment is the pupil her/himself, the teacher responsible for the group and the the pupil’s parents. All the teachers who are involved in teaching the pupil also take part in the assessment process. It is important that the pupil’s parents participate in the assessment process as they continually need updated information about the pupil’s objectives, progress and performance.

Sometimes pedagogical assessment is adequate to differentiate the possible special educational needs of a pupil, but often different specialists (a psychologist, a social worker, a doctor, different kinds of therapists) are also needed in assessing the pupil’s learning capability and in planning appropriate support for her/his studies. An individual plan is drafted and followed up in collaboration with different actors needed in addition to the key participants.

Pupil assessment forms a whole, in which on-going feedback from the teacher plays an important part. Supporting the pupil’s capability to assess her/himself is even more significant. The capability for self-assessment helps a pupil to be aware of her/his own learning processes and learning objectives and in this way a pupil learns to regulate her/his own learning processes. This is important for every pupil but especially pupils with SEN benefit from using these methods of self-assessment.

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