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Mainstream assessment systems - France

Despite laws clearly oriented toward diagnostic and formative assessment practices aimed at developing a differentiated pedagogical approach, everyday assessment practices in the classroom are not really consistent with the laws described above. Moreover, the question of learning assessment in initial and ongoing teacher training seems to be covered insufficiently even if progress can now be observed. The approach to the schooling of disabled pupils, in particular from the viewpoint of learning, is not systematic or sufficiently covered.  Specialised training on the other hand, is now consistent with the laws and in fact many children with special educational needs attend elementary school. We cannot say however, that the assessment practices themselves favour inclusion.  It is apparently rather the assistance provided by specialist teachers working in the Network of Specialised Assistance for Children in Difficulty (RASED) or placed at the disposal of care-providing services as well as the help offered by medical or paramedical professionals and educational auxiliaries that facilitate the schooling of pupils with special educational needs.

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