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Mainstream assessment systems - Greece

Three types of assessment are used:

  • Initial or Diagnostic assessment, that is used primarily at the beginning of the learning process (and sometimes also during it). It helps to identify the level of pupils’ knowledge and interests and the difficulties that they face. This allows the teacher to apply corrective measures and to adapt teaching to the level, abilities and individual characteristics of every individual pupil.
  • Formative Assessment, with an informative character, applied during teaching in order to monitor pupils’ progress towards the achievement of specific educational goals. This information can lead the teacher and the pupil to plan and possibly modify the teaching method.
  • Final or Summative Assessment: This is used as a feedback in order to summarize and to come to conclusions after comparison of the level of pupil achievement to specified and anticipated pedagogical and educational targets. The level of achievement of each pupil is compared with his/her former one. So is measured the class achievement against the anticipated one.

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