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Preamble - Greece

Within the framework of a global national policy and strategy, Greece is aligned with all European countries and harmonises the educational system with the current  conditions in the new multicultural Greek society. In order to respond to the particular needs of all pupils Greece promotes several changes within the core of the National Education system by implementing innovative activities. These changes have been introduced and promoted initially by the 126 of the Maastricht Treaty and further on developed through the European documents and guidelines. Actions and measures undertaken for 2000-2006  were targeted to improving the quality of the educational curricula for mainstream and special education as well as for the training system so as to secure:

  • Quality in the planned interventions
  • Continual evaluation of the actions undertaken
  • Quality of the results
  • Connection of the educational activities with the labour market,  taking into consideration equal opportunities for women and all pupils with disabilities, difficulties and disadvantages.



  • Operational Programme for Initial and Continual training of the Ministry of Education (E.P.E.A.E.K.), for the 2nd European support Framework  years 2000-2006
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