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Implementation of assessment policy - Hungary

Promotion of Social Integration of People with Disabilities

As an effect of the inclusive education trend in international practice, as well as the social demand expressed by the families involved, the effort for integration in Hungary has strengthened since the eighties. The Act on Public Education gives the opportunity for the realisation of this demand since 1993. Inclusion appears today also as a social and pedagogical goal of educational policy, and it is a general expectation, that anti-discrimination efforts should be better emphasised in the educational process and in the activity of inclusive institutions.     

The legal environment regulating the funding of institutes’ activities and education also favours inclusive education of people with disabilities. The active reforms and development goals place special emphasis on the need for establishing inclusive education in as many institutions as possible. To support this goal, a comprehensive action and development plan was elaborated.   

The legal regulations of the past years targeted the strengthening of social inclusion of children with special education needs (living with disabilities). These regulations were introduced in the past decade to reach the strategic goals and legal efforts in order to ensure the process of integration resulting in the status of social cohesion. 

During the decade before the EU accession the Hungarian government took steps concerning the independence and quality of life of people with disabilities. A welfare system consisting of financial aid for the disabled and benefits for their relatives living in one household with them (nursing aid, extra family aid etc.) was developed. The law on the rights (and equal opportunities) of people living with disabilities stated that the integrated (or supported, incubator-like) employment of the concerned should become common practice. 

One of the most important elements of this law is that it urged the development of a system of tools capable of promoting rehabilitation as much as possible (environment, communication, traffic etc) by ensuring the implementation of these laws. 

The National Programme for the Disabled added an amendment to this law containing the strategic goals which are crucial for the realisation of absolute social equality.

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