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On-going assessment of learning in inclusive settings - Hungary

Assessment of pupils achievements

National assessment-evaluation

Existence of basic skills (reading comprehension, numeric) is assessed extending to all pupils in the chosen class years by the national competency assessments. The goal of these assessments, which have been delivered three times since 2001, is to mediate the standards, methods and new developmental needs to the teachers, and help the local assessment practice. 

All the pupils of the chosen class years participated, however the “central” assessment was carried out by the National Institute for Assessment and Examinations only on a determined sample. The development of the local assessment was helped by the recognition of the tools and nationally assessed results by the institutions to the complex assessment of the achievement of their pupils based on the centrally evaluated data.  

Functional deficiencies were indicated by the experience collected throughout the competency measurements, and by their elimination the National Competency Assessment may have developed the most important tool of information for quality assessment. 

Assessment of pupil performance (achievement)

Pupils’ achievements are regularly assessed by the teacher during the year by marks. Marks given during the year are supplemented by the marks at the end of the semester and the school year. The new process introduced in the first three years is different from this practice which orders assessment in report form.

According to parliament’s decision, assessment in ‘report’ format will replace traditional marking. This will be mandatory and phased into different schools grades from the first of September 2005. The emphasis is upon a shift from just achievement to a wider consieration of the pupil’s personality and development as compared to him or herself. This will strengthen the information and feedback given to the pupil, teacher and parents. 

The general practice is supported by more additive orders in order to avoid the pupils unsuccessfulness and failure in the school (70§.7-10.). 

Assessment of pupils with special education needs

These rules also apply for the pupils with special education needs taking part in the integrating process. Deviation from this is permitted only when the pupil is made exempt of assessment/qualification in a subject or in a part of it by the director, based on expert opinion.  

The pupil’s progress can and must be assured in this situation assuring individual teaching programmes by the school for the pupils involved, and based on the opinion of the expert committees, following the pupil closely until the end of the year until the pupil reaches his or her fellows’ achievements.

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