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Preamble - Hungary

The System of Assessment

Systematic evaluation and assessment helps the realisation of the long term goals of public education. These goals are: competitive knowledge, an effectively functioning public education system and the moderation of inequities and the fortification of fair public education. 

The development of a common system of quality assurance is an inevitable tool in reaching the following goals set by the National Development Plan: content regulation, system of governance, financing and efficiency of development. The above goals are accomplishable with the involvement of the public education system. 

During the past years the problem of cost efficiency of the system of public education was under the spotlight. The thinking of quality, efficiency and productivity was motivated by the assessment of competence started in 2001, the reform of the secondary school leaving exam, and the ever spreading practice of institutional quality development. 

Structure of education in Hungary

Click here to open the diagram showing the structure of the Hungarian education system.

This table gives the description of Hungarian education and training programmes according to ISCED-97 classification as regards to pre-school and primary education.

Institutional setting of programme Programme destination and orientation Notes
Pre-school 0 School based programme for children aged 3-7. Includes basic skills development, pre-reading, drawing, singing and preparation
General school 1AG General school primary level, Years 1-4
General school 2AG General school lower secondary level, Years 5-8

Source: Education in Hungary 2003, OKI 2003, Appendix.

General education is from Years 1-8. Years 1-2 are the introduction phase, Years 3-4 are the beginning phase, Years 5-6 are the grounding phase and Years 7-8 are the developing phase. The lower secondary phase in some European countries corresponds with the phase of Years 5-8. The phase of secondary education in Hungary starts in Year 9 continuing in vocational training schools till the end of Year 10, in general secondary or vocational secondary schools till the end of Years 12 or 13.

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