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Innovative assessment tools and methods - Ireland

Additional resource publications

Additional resource publications available to teachers currently include the following Department of Education and Science sponsored documents:

  • Learning Support Guidelines, DES (2000)
  • Guidelines on the assessment of education in places other than recognised schools, DES (2003)
  • Circular 02/05 (DES, 2005)
  • Guidelines on the IEP Process (NCSE) 2006
  • Inclusion of Students with Special Educational Needs - Post Primary Guidelines, DES (2007)
  • Special Educational Needs, A Continuum of Support Teacher Guidelines and Resource Pack, DES (2007)
  • Assessment in the Primary School Curriculum, Guidelines for Schools, NCCA (2007)

These documents can be accessed on the SESS website.

The following support people are also available to teachers in school: 

  • Visiting Teacher for visual or hearing impairment
  • the school’s assigned NEPS psychologist
  • health professionals, where available.   

Ideally, the outside professionals will work in a team with the student, parents and teachers. 



  • DES – Department of Education and Science
  • IEP – Individual Educational Plan
  • NCCA – National Council for Curriculum and Assessment
  • NCSE – National Council for Special Education
  • NEPS – National Educational Psychological Service
  • SESS – Special Education Support Service
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