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Assessment in inclusive classrooms - Lithuania

The achievements of integrated pupils with SEN are assessed according to the document of the Ministry of Education and Science 2001-03-13, No 24-01-02-36 Education of pupils with SEN in special and training classes of mainstream schools. Teachers can be flexible in doing the assessment of a pupils’ achievement, they can use various procedures: informal assessment, on-going monitoring, and portfolio. The standardised testing is not used. For example, in classroom practice the teacher keeps a record of his/her observation about pupils with SEN educational skills, individual learning abilities and social skills. Using assessment records is a kind of communication between the teachers sharing information about learning difficulties and achievements of the pupils with SEN, successful teaching methods and activities, kinds of support proposed to overcome learning difficulties. Reviewing assessment records helps the teacher to monitor the pupils’ achievement and progress, to prepare for a discussion with the pupil and his/her parents and also with school’s special pedagogues and administration.

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