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Mainstream assessment systems - Lithuania

There are no exams or overall standardised testing in primary school. The description of the pupil’s progress and achievement is made at the end of year four. According to the Education Improvement project (2002-2005), the National studies of year four pupil’s achievement have been accomplished in 2003 and 2005 (sample testing of the native language, maths and science achievements).
The law No 1222/527/8 on “The assessment of the person with special educational need", which is intended for the assessment of primary school pupils with learning difficulties, was approved by the Minister of Education and Science in 2000-10-04. There are some described cases in this law, when it is necessary to repeat pedagogical-psychological assessment for the pupil with special educational needs again. Education content, teaching methods and devises are selected individually for such pupils making individual programs. Education Achievement Standards are adapted according to their capabilities. Assessment is also adapted individually. Learning results of the pupils with special educational needs are assessed according to the requirements of the special program (General Education Plans, 2005-2007). Primary school teacher and special education teacher can assess pupils’ achievements (The law No. 113 approved by the Minister of Education and Science, 2003-02-03).

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