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Assessment policy: introduction - Luxembourg

Primary school helps children to develop their aptitudes, attitudes, behaviour, competences and basic knowledge.
In Luxembourg teachers have to do regular tests at school to assess the children. The test results help themselves to orientate the pupil for the next school year. This means that they know if a pupil is to advance to the next class or if the pupil will have to repeat a year.
The tests are evaluated using 60 points. If pupils attain between 60 and 50 points it is a very good result. If they get between 49 and 40 points it is good, between 39 and 30 points the test is satisfactory. Scores between 29 and 20 are insufficient and under 20 points the test is poor.
In complementation to these tests teachers have the possibility to assess the children much faster. The evaluation points are an appreciation and are noted between 1 and 5, whereby 1 means very good and 5 means bad or insufficient.
At the end of each term a child gets his end of term report, where the average points for tests in each subject are calculated. The points of the appreciations may increase or pull down the average for some points.
Separate evaluations exist between oral and written languages.
After one school year the average is calculated from the three end of term reports and if the child has 2 or more results less than 30 points it may be decided that she/he has to repeat the class.

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