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Challenges and tendencies - Luxembourg

Tendencies in Luxembourg school system depend a lot on the attitude of the concerned minister. While former ministers thought “back to rules” was the best, nowadays they think that it is beneficial for all children to organise their work for themselves. It is still up to the parents to decide where their child goes to school, but actually the ministry tries to put classes of different levels on the same campus. This means that classes, who have pupils with SEN, are brought closer to mainstream classes.
Teachers also seem to be warming to the idea of inclusion. The work between SREA assistants and concerned teachers improves. Teamwork is accepted and considered as beneficial for the pupils. The multidisciplinary group of SREA (speech therapists, teachers, occupational therapists …) is helpful for the class teachers in their work with a pupil with SEN.
The main idea is to include pupils with SEN as much as possible in mainstream classes. The social contact shows that it is beneficial for both disabled children and healthy children.

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