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Features of best assessment practice - Luxembourg

The End of Term report in Luxembourg

In the first class every pupil is given a booklet where the results of each school year will be noted. The book stays with the child during the 6 years (or more) of primary school. It is an official document with a description of the pedagogical goals of each school year.
Examples: a goal of the first two school years is to be able to count to 100; another is to be able to copy a written text.
For each school year you have two pages: One where the teacher expresses in marks (between 0 and 60) the pupil’s results in the different subjects and a second one where the teacher or the assistant gives some comment. This second page is not compulsive. The teacher and the assistant from SREA always have the possibility to add some personal notes to the results in the booklet on a separate sheet.
For a better understanding please find here an example of a Year 3 report:
The pupil’s each end of term results:

  • The 3 principal subjects: German, French and mathematics. For languages a first assessment is made for oral work (understanding, expression and reading), a second on writing (expression and managing of the language). In mathematics teachers assess the pupil’s capacities in numbers, measuring of lengths, surfaces and volumes.
  • Other secondary subjects: science, Luxemburgish, painting, handicrafts, music, sports and religious or non religious course.
  • Behaviour of the pupil: The teacher has a scale where he/she can choose between “often” or “rarely”.

Assessment is done according to different items:

  • Does he/she respect the rules of common living?
  • Does he/she partake socially in class?
  • Is he/she attentive and participating in work?
  • Does he/she take an active part in group work?
  • During individual work does the pupil try to solve problems by him/herself, is the pupil able to organise their own time, does the pupil listen to the teacher, does the pupil correct their faults and does he/she do their homework?
  • And finally the teacher has to assess whether the pupil takes care with writing and respects school material.

This official end of term report is signed by the teacher and is given to the pupil’s parents for their signature. Parents can then see the child’s progression. This is unfortunately not always used to adapt assessment to the needs of each child. For pupils with SEN the assessment booklet is a part of the educational plan for the next term or school year.

Download a copy of the End of Term Report in Luxembourg.

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