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Implementation of assessment policy - Luxembourg

During the 6 years of primary school, pupils will do regular tests in the different subjects. The teacher evaluates their progression. In a non written rule it is said that you have to do as many tests per subject as the hours you teach it during one week. This means that if children have 6 hours of German per week, they will have to do 6 tests per term. In practice you can say that there is at least one test per week for all subjects combined.
Normally teachers tell the pupils what they have to learn a couple of days before the test. However it is not unusual that the pupils have to learn for every day and that the teacher gives a test without warning.
The results of the tests are often compared with results of the other pupils. Teachers calculate the average of the class. Sometimes they even write on every test how many pupils have points between 60 and 50 points, how many have between 49 and 40 points, etc. The pupil is compared to the other pupils in his/her class.

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