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Innovations and developments - Luxembourg

During recent years the ministry has begun to reconsider the school system. The poor results from the Pisa study might be responsible for this new tendency.
The first change is that a new end of term report in 2003/2004 was introduced for children aged 6 and 7 years. Normally teachers note only the average of every subject, but actually they have to add other skills, such as attitude to work, participation, concentration, co-operation in group work, and respect of rules. Teachers have to consider how the pupil affronts difficulties, manage his time, listen to explications, does corrections and homework.
At the end the teacher and the support personal also have the possibility to add some personal comments on the pupil’s work in class. 
The new end of term report is considered as a communication tool between parents, children and school. It describes the pupil’s performances in relation to a list of targets and his/her school career.
Team teaching classes with 3 teachers in 2 classes (for the moment only in some classes in the first and second year of primary school) are newly organised so now teachers have more possibilities to help pupils with specific problems. The pupils work in groups but with the possibility of being taught more individually thanks to a better support for each pupil.
New ways in organising schools have opened up. It means less tests, less books, less subjects and more involvement of pupils, more personal initiative and more active co-operation.

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