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Learning and teaching - Luxembourg

Even if frontal teaching is still a widespread method of teaching in Luxembourg, we have observed that more and more teachers are changing their attitude and involving the pupils in the organisation of their lessons. This means also that team teaching is going to be more popular. The objective is to get the pupil more involved. The teacher will not be the principal actor in the class; the pupils will also be responsible for what is going on in the classroom.
In general we can say that teaching is no more the most important part of schooling, learning is more important. Teachers are still the leaders, but the pupils are not only the receivers of information, they have to co-operate and search themselves for getting answers to their questions. In groups they pick up information, help each other and learn together. Everybody is involved and no pupil is left behind. This helps to create a better group feeling and the pupils learn how to help each other to reach an aim.

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