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People involved in assessment - Luxembourg

The main people involved in assessment are the teacher and the pupil. In case of disagreement parents or other specialists get involved.
If this occurs, it is a benefit to the child that his/her parents are in contact with the teacher to discuss the reasons for the problems and how they can be solved. 
The teacher thinks that he/she remains the captain of the ship in the classroom, but more and more legal rules intend to give the responsibility to a pedagogical team. So the teacher refers for assessment mainly to the assistants of the pupils with SEN.
Teachers have no particular role in diagnosis which is left to regional centers for psycho-pedagogical diagnosis and the responsibility of diagnosis is left to this external team.
Parents of pupils with SEN are more involved. They are advised as to what they can do at home to promote the child’s development. Teachers and the SREA assistants notice better results when parents are involved in the work with the pupil.

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