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Learning and teaching - Norway

At some Norwegian schools it has been observed that a new view of assessment is developing, and new assessment tools are being employed in order to convert this into practice. In order to reinforce this change process, the Directorate for Primary and Secondary Education has initiated and supported a number of projects within the field of assessment. The Examination Department of the Directorate for Primary and Secondary Education has also given out material concerning assessment for a number of years. One of the prior projects that turned out to be extremely important for informing about and stimulating the use of portfolio assessment in basic education was ”Report on experiments with portfolio assessment in Norwegian at Grønnåsen School 1993-1996 (Eksamenssekretariatet 1996). 

Assessment at the intermediate level

This was a project associated with assessment at the intermediate level where the goal was to make a booklet concerning the concept of assessment. The booklet contains an overview of assessment tools that are currently being used, plus there is a chapter in which teaching sequences are presented in which tools are being used. In addition, the researchers comment upon and discuss the individual teaching sequences (Haugstveit 2005). 

The KAL-project

This project was initiated by the now-defunct Norwegian Examination Secretariat. The purpose of the project was to assess the learning benefits in written Norwegian in the primary and lower secondary schools, such as it was manifested through the final examination at the end of the tenth form. There was also a desire to survey the external examiners themselves. The project is an important contribution to the work of developing knowledge about the textual competence of pupils and how the external examiners function as quality assessment. (Evensen 2003, Berge 2005).



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