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Assessment in inclusive classrooms - Poland

Maria Sklodowska –Curie’s Primary School No 7 (with inclusive classes) in Jaworzno

The School Assessment System (SAS) in Primary School Nr 7 in Jaworzno was built upon the Ministry of National Education regulation. The SAS defines the rules of assessment, examination and promotion. It includes definitions, goals, procedures of assessment and forms of activity which are subject to assessment, f. ex compositions, written examinations etc. The SAS includes the detailed rules of assessment of pupil’s behaviour and the way of reporting the pupil’s progress in each subject to the parents. The detailed rules of assessment are described in subject assessment systems. The requirements concerning single marks in every subject are included in SAS. 

As the school has inclusive classes the assessment system takes into consideration children with special educational needs. Among the total number of 582 pupils in the school, there are 5 children with hearing impairments, 5 with visual impairments, 15 with slight/moderate mental disability and cerebral palsy, 3 with ADHD, 10 physically disabled, 1 chronically ill, 3 with multiply disabilities and 23 with speech and/or language disorders. 

The teachers demonstrate full and various professional qualifications. In the teaching staff there are specialists for different disabilities: 5 oligofrenopedagogists (specialists for mental disability), 3 speech-language therapists, support teachers, 2 pedagogy specialists, several specialists for correctional and compensatory assistance and 1 psychologist. Two of the teachers continue education in surdopedagogy (deaf/hearing impairment children education). 

The logopedic and therapeutic programs are incorporated into the core curriculum. These individual programs define the processes of children’s therapy or determine the base for the creation of an individual program. They are created by a teacher of each subject in co-operation with the school’s pedagogy specialist, supporting teacher and/or psychologist.

Children and parents get acquainted with the requirements and subject assessment systems.

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