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On-going assessment of learning in inclusive settings - Poland

Pupils are assessed throughout the school year.

In Years I-III of the primary school pupils are subject to descriptive assessment. Starting with Year IV, annual or term assessment is based on a six-grade scale including the following marks: excellent (6), very good (5), good (4), satisfactory (3), acceptable (2), unsatisfactory (1). In the case of pupils with moderate and severe handicaps the descriptive assessment is used at all levels of education.

The teacher has to adjust educational requirements to the individual psycho-physical and educational needs of the pupil, in a case where the pupil has been recognised by specialists from Psychological and Educational Services Centres (PESC) as having development deficiencies which prevent him/her from meeting requirements set for all pupils. 

Assessment of pupils’ behaviour 

A pupil’s behaviour is assessed on the basis of the following scale: excellent, good, acceptable, unacceptable at the end of school term/year. Teachers, especially the guidance teachers collect information on pupils’ behaviour throughout the whole school year. At the end of the term/year the guidance teacher gives pupil a grade according to the criteria described in the School Assessment System. The criteria of assessment of pupils’ behaviour have to be known by all pupils and their parents. 


The pupil is promoted to the following Year if he/she has received annual marks according to the school grading scale and to the specific criteria in all subjects and compulsory classes (except subjects and classes from which he/she was exempted). Pupils are promoted to higher grades on the basis of the decision by the pedagogical council. The mark received for behaviour is not taken into account. 


All school leavers, except those with moderate and severe mental handicaps, receive the same school certificates. Pupils in schools for children with a slight mental disability are awarded final school certificates with a “the pupil followed the curriculum adjusted to individual abilities and needs on the basis of the public psychological-pedagogical centre's guidance” inscription. Pupils with moderate and severe handicaps are awarded final school certificates in a special form, in accordance with the descriptive assessment rules. 

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