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Assessment policy: introduction - Portugal

The aims of assessment are:

  • To sustain the educational process regarding the learning success for all pupils, allowing readjustments in the school/class curricular projects as far as methodologies and resources are concerned;
  • To credit every competence and acquisition at the end of each cycle by means of internal and external summative assessment;
  • To make it possible to provide a better educational system by allowing the right decisions to be made. 

The assessment process focuses upon the competences defined in the national curriculum for each disciplinary area in each cycle as well as upon the trans disciplinary areas, namely citizenship. 

The process of assessment is based upon the following principles:

  • Close relation between the process and the context of the assessment;
  • Diversification in the assessment techniques and tools;
  • Highlighting of the formative assessment and its methods of regulated auto-assessment as well as its integration in the summative assessment;
  • Discipline  in the assessment process with explanation of the used criteria;
  • Diversification of the co-partners in the assessment process. 

In the process of the pupil’s assessment, their teachers, especially the class teacher, the parents, the pupils themselves, specialised support services (if that is the case) all have a role.

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