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In the 1st cycle the pupils’ assessment outcomes are analysed and recorded in Teachers Meetings (where all the class teachers and the specialist teachers) are present. 

In the 2nd cycle each of the class teachers and the specialist teachers are present in Class Meetings. Here, there is a direct influence of the pupils’ outcomes upon the educational plans and upon the different pedagogical measures to be adopted during the school year described in the Class Curricular Projects (CCP). 

At the School Groupings Pedagogical Council, there are monthly meetings with a representative teacher from each department, with the members from the technical services, other professionals and the family. 

There can be questions raised regarding diagnostic, formative, academic and behavioural levels as well as the participation in extra-curricular activities. The discussion leads to the development of a Pedagogical Project of the School Grouping, later adjusted to the class by means of the CCP. 

In teacher training the assessment and pedagogical differentiation in SNE only appear in a very subtle way. Consequently teachers are not effectively entitled to real inclusive practice.

In Special Education Post-Graduation Courses every item related to SNE is referred to inside the curricular plans. There are disciplines related to assessment methods and to the designing of specific tools and instruments according to the different SEN areas.

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