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Mainstream assessment systems - Portugal

There are four types of assessment: 

Diagnostic Assessment is used in the planning of diverse pedagogical strategies; to develop, adjust and readjust the class curricular project in a child oriented approach and giving support to school and vocational counselling. It may be used any time during the school year whenever integrated in the formative assessment. 

Formative Assessment is the main type of assessment in basic education. It is an on-going systematic approach. It requires a variety of tools to gather information related to the different learning issues and the contexts in which they appear. It thus regulates the learning process. Formative assessment gives the teacher, pupil, and parents, information regarding the pupil’s development, allowing adjustment and improvement in the work process. 

Summative Assessment takes place at the end of each school term. All the information gathered during the formative assessment process is used and it is expressed by a global judgment about all the learning acquired by the pupils. During basic education, pupils move on to the next cycle if they have developed the required abilities to enable success in their future studies.

Check-Assessment  is one of the tools used in the national curriculum assessment process and it provides the teachers, the school and the school administration with relevant information although it does not affect the pupil’s progression to the next form.

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