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People involved in assessment - Portugal

Diagnostic assessment may involve kindergarten teachers, other teachers, doctors, psychologists, therapists, social workers and the family. 

Data is generally gathered by Educational Aid Specialised Services (EASS) from each School Centre, which in a meeting with the remaining partners highlights pupils and identifies the educational measures to be adopted. 

In the 1st cycle SEN pupils assessment is done by the class teacher and the specialist  teacher. Other professionals may take part (psychologist, therapist) if the pupil follows specific language, motor, or behavioural programmes etc.

The presence and co-operation with the family is crucial in the establishment and assessment of the IEP and in such activities as specific language, behavioural or individual autonomy programmes. 

The pupils also participate in the assessment during the learning process and at the end of each school period, by means of self-assessment or pair assessment according to their age and competences.

Self-assessment is often used as a strategy for promoting the acquisition of knowledge, in the development of behaviour regulation and autonomy. 

In the 2nd cycle the different disciplinary teachers together with the specialist teacher have a role in the assessment process. Whenever there is a different partner in the educational process he/she also participates in assessment of the programmes they are involved in. 

Pupils do self-assessment and pair assessment and, in some meetings with the teachers, they have a representative. Pupils with SEN participate in the process according to their competences. 

In this cycle and in the 1st cycle family has a similar role. In situations where there are alternative curricula the family participates in the meeting and makes decisions in the curricula planning.

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