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Innovative assessment tools and methods - Sweden

The most common tools and methods of innovative assessment in Sweden are:

  • Individual development programme-IEP
  • The pupil’s portfolio
  • Log-books, reflection-books
  • Dialogue with the teachers
  • Self-assessment, peer-assessment 

Many schools use the portfolio. In the portfolio there are all kind of documents concerning the pupil, examples of writing, pictures, video film from different situations in the school, photos etc. The aim of this method is to show and assess the pupil’s development and to make it possible for the pupils to reflect upon the learning process. Pupils learn in varying ways and the aim for reflection is to develop good strategies for learning.

One school describes their work with the portfolio model in pre-school, school and leisure-time centres from the pupils, teachers and the parent’s perspective . 

The aim for the children and pupils are to:

  • take responsibility and to have influence in their own learning, 
  • see their own possibilities, 
  • set up targets,  
  • plan the daily work,  
  • use the portfolio in communication with parents, and teachers, and when moving school. 

The aim for teachers is to: 

  • set up targets for teaching so that every pupil will learn 
  • assess each pupils’ individual learning process, 
  • use the portfolio in communication with parents. 

The aim for parents is to: 

  • clarify their child’s  cognitive and social development,  
  • support the parents participation in school,  
  • “support the parents to support their child”.
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