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Learning and teaching - Sweden

What consequences can good assessment then have on the quality of learning and teaching?

Researchers as well as teachers in the above described schools in this area mean that formative assessment can help the teachers and pupils to:

  • Incorporate the pupil’s previous knowledge to improve the organisation of  teaching
  • Identify needs to support learning 
  • Help the pupils to reflect upon their own learning process
  • Help the pupils to improve their own learning strategies
  • Guide the pupils in their development
  • Motivate the pupils

In the teacher training programme in Sweden there is one course, giving 10 credit points, for every teacher student no matter what kind of teachers they will become, which focuses on school development and includes assessment and evaluation. The teacher students also study how to assess during their school located studies. 

In the programme where teachers study to become special educators, giving 60 credit points, the students learn how to assess, how assessment is linked to school development and evaluation and how different perspectives on evaluation and assessment are necessary when they shall analyse phenomena concerning inclusion and exclusion.



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