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Mainstream assessment systems - Sweden

According to the regulation of the primary education system there are some demands directed to every school, to the principal and to the teachers. The school is responsible for every pupil who has been through primary school to have a good grasp of the Swedish language, fundamental mathematics and have a grasp of, or knowledge about, a dozen other areas and values that are necessary for life in a modern democratic society and for further studies. The school shall also strive toward every pupil developing a greater amount of responsibility for her/his studies and developing the ability to evaluate her/his results and performance. The principal has the overall responsibility for directing the schools activity towards the national goals and is the chief of the teachers. Especially the principal is responsible for developing the working forms towards pupils’ participation, for the education and care for pupils in need of special support and for different kinds of co-operation within the school as well as between school and parents.

The teacher must make a comprehensive assessment and evaluation of every pupil’s development in relation to national goals. The teacher shall use this information in regular three-part dialogues to strengthen the pupil’s development of knowledge and social ability. Knowledge shall be thought of in a varied way. This shall be done twice a year. During early school years, up to Year seven, this is the way in which the school gives information to parents about their child’s development. From Year 8 the teachers have to summarise this information into a grade for each subject he/she is responsible for. There are three grades, which reflect three different qualities of presented knowledge, from just Passed to Passed With Excellence.

To support the teacher’s assessment and evaluation of the pupil’s development in relation to the national goals, the National Agency of Education supplies a national test system. National tests and diagnostic material can be used throughout compulsory school in three subjects, Swedish language, English and Mathematics.  In Year 9 the teacher must use the tests.

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