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Collection of Dissemination Examples

This collection of dissemination examples aims at demonstrating and sharing ways in which the the issue of accessible information provision for lifelong learning has been disseminated throughout Europe as a follow up on the i-access project.

Events and actions:

  • Following the i-access conference the country expert of Estonia has initiated a monthy magazine to complement a weekly TV series on special needs "Puutepunktid". This magazine is published by a non-profit organisation that was especially founded for this purpose. The magazine is mailed to people with special needs and their families, schools social departments, medical staff, rehabilitation specialists, libraries, disability organisations, ministries, Members of Parlaiment, as well as the President and Prime Minister offices. 10,000 copies are disseminated on a monthly basis, since October 2011.
  • The i-access project has been introduced at the British Education and Training Technology Show (BETT) in January 2012 within a joint presentation of the UK country expert for the i-access project and the Agency staff team: Online accessibility - UK and European approaches to meeting the challenge. 

Articles and news: