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Accessible Information Provision for Lifelong Learning (i-access) is a one year project of the European Agency for Development in Special Needs and Inclusive Education with the aim of raising awareness of the issues surrounding accessible information provision for Lifelong Learning and developing recommendations on how it can be addressed.

The availability of public information in accessible formats, for example in printed and electronic versions, is an issue recognised as requiring attention at international and national levels. The right for all citizens to access information in a way that meets their needs is stressed in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities (2006). A key strategy for ensuring equal access to Lifelong Learning opportunities is providing information relevant for Lifelong Learning in formats that can be easily accessed by people with special needs. 

This project is co-financed by a European Community Grant under the Lifelong Learning Transversal Programme, Key Activity 1: Policy Co-operation and Innovation. The ultimate goal of the project is to raise awareness of the issues surrounding accessible information provision for Lifelong Learning in order to facilitate positive developments towards i-access within the member countries of the Agency. 

The project activities include:

  • the i-access conference held in Copenhagen on 22–24 June, hosted by the Agency and the Danish Ministry of Education, aiming to discuss the implications of accessible information for Lifelong Learning, as well as identifying practical recommendations;
  • i-access recommendations (for accessible information provision) based on the conference agreements (translated into all Agency languages);
  • a conference report summarising the conference presentations and debates;
  • an information and template package aimed at supporting the dissemination of the conference results and project recommendations, aimed at raising awareness at national level;
  • a collection of national level dissemination examples.

The conference will also be open to interested parties and there are a few spaces left for self-funded participants. If you are interested in attending, please contact i-access@european-agency.org

For more information on the i-access project visit our project area: www.european-agency.org/agency-projects/i-access

Last modified May 13, 2011
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