cover for decentralisation paper

Decentralisation in Education Systems - Seminar Report

This paper builds on the various discussions held within the Thematic Seminar on Decentralisation in Educations Systems, jointly organised by the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture, Iceland and European Agency held in Reykjavik in October 2016.


Early School Leaving cover

Early School Leaving and Learners with Disabilities and/or Special Educational Needs: To what extent is research reflected in European Union policies?

This report summarises the key research literature on learners with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) with regard to the phenomenon of Early School Leaving (ESL) and compares its findings and implications to the positions adopted by EU policy documents. The review leads to recommendations for how policy-makers might tackle the issue of ESL more effectively, particularly as it impacts on learners with SEND.


Financing report cover

Financing of Inclusive Education: Mapping Country Systems for Inclusive Education

This report focuses on funding mechanisms within the systems for inclusive education, targeted at meeting the needs of learners with recognised special educational needs. The Annex of the publication provides visual overviews of funding mechanisms underpinning each country's system for inclusive education.


IECE report cover

Inclusive Early Childhood Education: An analysis of 32 European examples

The report presents the findings of the qualitative thematic analysis of 32 example descriptions of Inclusive Early Childhood Education (IECE) across Europe.


Country policy review and analysis cover

Country Policy Review and Analysis - Methodology Report

This document presents the methodology and materials developed within the first phase of the Country Policy Review and Analysis (CPRA) activities.


cover for Take Action for Inclusive Education: Delegates' Reflections and Proposals

Take Action for Inclusive Education: Delegates' Reflections and Proposals

On 16 October 2015, seventy-two young people from across Europe had the opportunity to discuss how their schools and communities ensure inclusive education for them. This report is based on the young people's discussions and the results presented at the Agency's fourth Hearing.


Making Your Organisation's Information Accessible For All cover

Making Your Organisation's Information Accessible For All

This report contains recommendations for organisations that wish to provide accessible information in the education sector in particular, but also more widely as the processes are universal.


Guidelines for Accessible Information cover

Guidelines for Accessible Information

The Guidelines for Accessible Information are an open educational resource to support the creation of accessible information in general and for learning in particular.


Image of the cover for Empowering Teacher to Promote Inclusive Education

Empowering Teachers to Promote Inclusive Education

This case study, prepared by the Agency for UNESCO, will contribute towards addressing the ‘knowledge gap’ on empowering inclusive teachers to address the diversity of learners by defining inclusive practices and inclusive teaching approaches and empowering teachers through training and support. The methodology paper outlines the conceptual framework for this work.


Organisation of Provision to Support Inclusive Education - Summary Report

This report draws together the key issues examined during the project activities and presents a series of recommendations for the organisation of provision and practice to improve support for all learners in mainstream schools and, in particular, those with disabilities.