Organisation of Provision to Support Inclusive Education - Summary Report

This report draws together the key issues examined during the project activities and presents a series of recommendations for the organisation of provision and practice to improve support for all learners in mainstream schools and, in particular, those with disabilities.


This is the cover for the five key messages document

Five Key Messages for Inclusive Education

A report containing five relevant messages summarising an essential part of the work conducted by the Agency in the last decade and which address relevant issues in the field of inclusive education.


this is the cover for the Glossay of Term

Thematic Key Words for Special Needs and Inclusive Education

A glossary of 372 terms in the 22 official languages of the European Agency for Special Needs and Inclusive Education, containing key words and expressions from Agency thematic and project work.


this is the cover for the report - Inclusive Education in Europe: Putting Theory into Practice

International Conference: Reflections from researchers

Research papers presented at the 'Inclusive Education in Europe: Putting Theory into Practice' conference.


cover for the VET summary report

Vocational Education and Training - Summary of Country Information

This document provides a brief synthesis of 28 country reports regarding policies and practices in the area of vocational education and training (VET) in the field of special needs and inclusive education.


cover for the ICT for Inclusion – Development and Opportunities for European Countries

ICT for Inclusion – Developments and Opportunities for European Countries

This report presents the main findings from the Agency Information and Communication Technology for Inclusion (ICT4I) project and draws upon all sources of project information developed during project activities.


European Patterns of Successful Practice in Vocational Education and Training

Participation of Learners with SEN/Disabilities in VET. 2013


Raising Achievement for All Learners – Quality in Inclusive Education

Raising Achievement for all learners is a priority at European level as set out in the Education and Training 2020 Framework (ET 2020) and the high cost of school failure is increasingly being recognised. Raising the achievement of all learners is not a policy initiative but an ethical imperative that will best be achieved by providing quality education in inclusive settings.


Special Needs Education Country Data 2012

The Agency SNE data collection is a biennial exercise with data provided by the Representatives of the Agency. In all cases this data is from official ministerial sources.


Promoting Accessible Information for Lifelong Learning

This report is a summary of the main findings of the one-year Accessible Information for Lifelong Learning (i-access) project, including a review of European and international policy and recommendations on accessibility, a country survey on accessibility policy and implementation and project conference inputs and conclusions.