• cover of Agency Work Programme 2015

    Ambitious Agency Work Programme for 2015

    The Agency's 2015 Work Programme has been approved and is available on the website.

  • European Hearing in 2015

    The ‘Inclusive Education: Take Action! Luxembourg Recommendations’ Hearing will take place in Luxembourg in October 2015 within the framework of the Luxembourg Presidency of the European Union.

  • Data Collection Informing Inclusive Education

    The European Agency Statistics on Inclusive Education (EASIE) work has brought a change to previous practices of quantitative data collection. The focus is now on the entire school population that informs inclusive education and not on separate, special education.

  • image of young person named Corey and the following quote signed by him: The  SEND reforms aim to cretae a more fluid and inclusive system of support for me and people like me, but it will take time, patience and resources.

    UK's Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Reforms

    New arrangements in the UK for supporting children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities. Read more about the SEND reforms here.