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We carry out activities involving our extensive network in Agency member countries. We aim to provide member countries and stakeholders at the European level with evidence-based information and guidance on implementing inclusive education systems.

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Country Information

The Agency has 31 member countries, covering 36 jurisdictions (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, as well as Belgium’s French, Flemish and German communities are each represented separately). This section contains information about each of the member countries.

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This area contains Multimedia materials including key messages, Agency presentations and links to videos from the Agency YouTube channel.


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This area presents quantitative and qualitative country information from the European Agency Statistics on Inclusive Education (EASIE) in an accessible, interactive and easily comparable way.

Latest News from the Agency

Key Message

A culture of effective communication in education ensures safe and secure psycho-social learning environments.

Voices into Action: Including the voices of learners and families in educational decision-making

The Voices into Action (VIA) activity examined the critical issue of involving the voices of learners and their families and how to effectively include them in decision-making.

Filmed during the VIA final event in spring 2023, the video features learners and their families discussing the impact that participating in educational decision-making has had on them. It also introduces the VIA Framework for Meaningful Participation and the Online Toolkit. Finally, educational policy-makers from the VIA participating countries discuss how the VIA activity and framework have impacted their work.