The final TE4I project meeting was held in Brussels on 29 February–1 March 2012. The main aim of this meeting was to provide delegates with an opportunity to discuss the implications of the project findings and the Profile of Inclusive Teachers for their practice. 

The Dissemination Conference was organised in collaboration with the Flemish Ministry of Education and Training, with a half day event being attended by all the country representatives as well as colleagues from the Flemish and French communities of Belgium.

During an opening session, welcome inputs were given by:

  • Evy Verduyckt, advisor at the Cabinet of Pascal Smet Flemish Minister of Education, Youth, Equal Opportunities and Brussels,
  • Jean-Claude De Vreese, representative of Marie-Dominique Simonet, Minister of Education, French community,
  • Per Gunnvall, Chair of the European Agency for Development in Special Needs and Inclusive Education.

There were then three panels of speakers – the various inputs given during these panels are available to download below.

Panel 1 - The Teacher Education for Inclusion project

  • Verity Donnelly, Agency staff member, presented project findings and recommendations
  • Amanda Watkins, Agency staff member, presented, the Profile of Inclusive Teachers 
  • Tony Booth, visiting Professor at Canterbury Christ Church University and University of Cambridge, presented reflections from countries

Panel 2 - Reflections on key TE4I issues for international level work

  • Therese M.S. Tchombe, UNESCO Chair for Special Educational Needs / Inclusion 
  • Paula Frederica Hunt,  UNICEF Regional Office for Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States 

Panel 3 - Reflections on key TE4I issues for stakeholder groups

All of the inputs from this event were used to draft the final Profile of Inclusive Teachers which is a main output of the Teacher Education for Inclusion project.

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