Research Abstracts

Gauci, A. (2011) What is the role of ICT in the education of students with autism spectrum disorder in Kindergarten classes in Malta? An MA thesis in partial fulfilment of the Master of Arts in e-Inclusion (Learning, Disability & Technology) at King’s College London. PDF (111kb)

Borg, S. (2010) Identifying best practice in the assistive technology evaluation of individuals with cerebral palsy. Post Graduate Thesis. PDF (102kb)

Gatt, M. (2007) Communication through Technology: Enabling Participation for Maltese Children with Complex Communication Needs in Roots to Inclusive Education: A Question of Wellbeing Azzopardi, A (Ed). PDF (82kb)

Innovative Example of Practice 

Multi-professional support for students with special needs in a mainstream secondary school PDF (115kb)

information and communication technology

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