Research Abstracts

Rødevand, G. M., and Hellman, R (2011) ‘Ung og begeistret: IKT-basert IADLopplæring og trening for unge med utviklingshemning’ [Young and Enthusiastic: ICT-Based IADL-Training] Down Syndrome Quarterly, 13 (1) PDF (119kb)

Sylvia Söderström, S. (2012) Disabled Pupils’ Use of Assistive ICT in Norwegian Schools in F.A. Auat Cheein, (Ed.), Assistive Technologies. Croatia: InTech, 25–48. ISBN: 978-953-51-0348-6 PDF (106kb)

Recent and on-going research projects
DREAM – Disability Rights Expanding Accessible Markets: Monitoring the Implementation and Enforcement of National eAccessibility law and policy  PDF (143kb)

Innovative Examples of Practice 

Reading and writing software to support the inclusion of students with dyslexia PDF (78kb)

A weekly television news service for people with disabilities PDF (106kb)

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