In order to better understand the VET project outcomes, it is essential to have a general overview of the relevant situation in each of the countries involved. The project made use of existing information from relevant national reports, namely the CEDEFOP country reports on VET systems. All participating countries had previously produced CEDEFOP reports, which were then updated by the national experts where they were out of date as a result of changes that have taken place in the respective country’s VET system.

However, CEDEFOP reports do not focus on learners with SEN and the particular setting in the participating countries. In order to have a shared overview of the vocational education and training system for learners with special educational needs in each participating country, a survey has been carried out with these countries in order to provide additional information to the CEDEFOP summary reports with regard to VET for learners with SEN.

The analysis of the policy settings is available in a Summary of Country Information report.

For more details, access the 28 country descriptions of the SEN policy in Vocational Education and Training at the links below:

vocational education

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