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Dissemination material

The information on this page is aimed at supporting the dissemination of i-access project results and includes general information on the Agency, general information on the i-access project, graphics and additional material.

Should any of this information be needed in a different format, please contact the Agency at

Information on the Agency

  • General information on the Agency can be found in the Agency flyerThe Agency Flyer is an A4 page size flyer which contains key information about the Agency's organisation, guiding principles and key objective, member countries and contact information. This flyer can be downloaded in 21 Agency languages as a graphic version or a text-only version. 
  • An overview of all Agency projects including direct links to more detailed information and all project related resources.
  • An overview of all Agency publications including downloadable documents in up to 21 Agency languages.

    Information on the i-access project